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How does Medicare work and how do I supplement it?

Medicare has many moving parts and we are here to educate you on how the entire system works. Most people with Medicare will get a Medicare Supplement and a Part D Prescription Drug Plan to help pay the health care costs that original Medicare alone does not cover.

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Do you have questions about Medicare?

When you are ready for Medicare, there are questions that arise about how to get it, what plan is best for you, how much it will cost, and much more. We will explain the differences in benefits between each Medicare Supplement plan and the pricing offered by each company. For more information, you can download out FAQ brochure for answers to these questions and more.

Let us help with your Part D questions.

Many people have questions about prescriptions and what options are available to pay for them. We help you get placed into the best Part D prescription drug plan based on your personal usage. Medicare prescription drug coverage provides greater peace of mind by protecting you from unexpected drug expenses. There is a lot to consider, so let us point you in the right direction.

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